Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Lovely Family

hye...I would like to introduce my family members..My father name is MOHD ANUAR BIN MD NOR he work as clerks logs..My mother name is ZURAINI BINTI ABDUL MANAS..My mother is a business woman..I have a brother..My brother name is MOHD ANZUR BIN MOHD ANUAR..My brother studying at UITM MERBOK,SUNGAI PETANI KEDAH in course BUSINESS STUDIES..I love my family so much..

my lovely mom :)


my brother and the little one :)


  1. mana family g sowang..bukan k.fify sayang pown kena ada ka.eeheheh

  2. hehe....2 lar psal...xde picx kak fify lorh..huhu

  3. hehe..mjok lak dh...jgn lew mjok..nnty xtomey dh..huhu